Three Men Saved and Families Restored

While leaving the prison in Reynosa this past Thursday (2016 – 01-07) my heart was rejoicing after having been told the results of three men participating in the Bible Studies.  Watch the following video update concerning the change in these men’s lives.  As Felipe was telling me as we were walking towards the gate for me to leave – “Dios… Read More »

A New Year’s Eve Altar Service To Remember!

Yesterday we had a very precious New Year’s Eve service in the prison of Reynosa.  Although it was a little cold (about 48°) nearly 70 people showed up for the service.  Being as there are no heaters in the prison it was a little difficult to stay warm, but everyone did the best they could with the meager… Read More »

And You Thought You Had Problems!

(All names have been changed for discretion sake. God knows the people and their real names.) Today I was smacked in the face again with the perspective of just what constitutes problems.  It is so easy to become aggravated because you feel someone has been rude to you.  Maybe you have been spoken to in a demeaning way, perhaps because you… Read More »

Cartel Violence is Resurging in Our Area of Mexico

Violence is beginning to surge again in our sector of Mexico. The Zetas have also made a resurgence, and according to news reports have ramped up their fighting with the Gulf Cartel stronger than ever. This past Tuesday (as can be seen by these photos) the Mexican military found an underground hiding spot containing rifles, grenade launchers and… Read More »

Cartel Violence on Mexican Roads Continues

This past week was anything but uneventful concerning news of Cartel violence here in our corner of God’s field.  On Tuesday (June 23rd) I was ministering in the prison at Santa Adelaida.  The talk of the prison was the gun battles that took place the previous night in Matamoros, but I personally received other reports on Tuesday that… Read More »

New gods Erected in Santa Adelaida

Well, I made it back to the border and it was good to get back in the prison in Santa Adelaida again. However, it wasn’t without a little drama. One thing can always be counted on when it comes to dealing with the prisons here. You can expect the policies to change without warning. Once again today it… Read More »

Gun Battles Throughout Reynosa

Todays events just go to show how volatile the situation in Mexico really is.  You never know from one day to the next whether it will be calm or filled with violence.  I was at the prison in Reynosa yesterday and all seemed calm, but today, the very same areas where I travelled erupted with gunfights between the… Read More »