Sad and Disturbing News

By | January 16, 2016

We received some sad and disturbing news late last night from the prison at Santa Adelaida.  Juan Carlos Castellanos, our former inmate pastor who had received his release a little over a year ago, died yesterday due to a freak accident that took place on Christmas Day.  Juan drives a standard vehicle and his car wouldn’t start.  As Juan was pushing the car by himself to jump start it the car started.  He tried to jump in it, but as he did so the car ran him over.  He was taken to the hospital for observation and to be checked out, and was given a clean bill of health.  The doctors said he was bruised, but he would be okay.  However, Juan had internal bleeding and died yesterday (Jan. 15th) from the bleeding.  Juan was a very good man whose life the Lord had changed greatly, and was doing a great work for the Lord.  He is one of those that the Lord called into the ministry through participation in our Bible Studies.  He was faithful to the Lord’s task and very active in prison ministry, not only ministering in the same penal facility where he was incarcerated and everyone knew his life, but other prisons as well, including a Federal Super-Max.  That is where his heart was; taking the Gospel to the forgotten incarcerated ones.  He will be greatly missed.  Please remember both Juan’s family and the men and women inmates at the prison in Santa Adelaida.

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