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You will find here a list of our Bible studies and books available for purchase.  Please note that the proceeds from all purchases are used for the ministry.  We have placed a value on these studies with the proceeds going to help those around the world that would not be able to purchase them for themselves.  However, if you are not able to acquire a desired Bible study due to the cost, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.  It is our desire that these studies be used to further the Bible understanding of all those that desire to study God’s Word.

“What is so special about these Bible studies?”

Our ministry over the past 20 years has focused on the disregarded and forgotten about prison inmates in the prisons of México.  After a few years of ministry among the men and women in these prisons we realized that there was a great need for a simple Bible Study course that would encourage these men and women to not only read the Holy Scriptures, but to study fervently the Word of God.  We realize that there are many good Bible Study courses on the market, but we feel that these studies are unique among all those that we have seen.

(1)  These studies are unique because of their simplicity.  Without commentary each study has forty questions: twenty true and false, as well as twenty fill in the blanks.  There is a question for every 2 1/2 verses throughout the Scriptures.  All who take this course can reap a great benefit; from the youngest literate child to the most highly educated adult.  These studies are not difficult and are not intended to be for doctoral studies, but they are comprehensive as to the facts and details of the Scriptures and are readily understood by all.

(2)  These studies are unique because of their resourcefulness.  They are adaptable to your personal manner of study and can be used in a variety of ways.

(3)  A parent and child may use these studies together for a quiet time of discussion and devotion.   What better way is there for a child to develop a habit of reading the Scriptures and to acquire a hunger for the things of God, than to have his parent sitting by his side searching the Scriptures along with him.

(4)  They who are busy with the daily cares of life will find great benefit in their usage because of the ability to pace their studies.  One may complete a whole study, or he may schedule himself to a specific number of questions.  Either way, a systematic study is being advance.

(5)  From Sunday School Classes to the private Christian School, or Home Schooled child these studies are easy, simple, and comprehensive.

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