Joey and His Heart Monitor

As many of you know our little man has several health issues that he has been dealing with throughout his life. He also was born with a leaking aortic heart valve, but the doctors felt that it was something that would correct itself the older he got. A few days ago he had an appointment with his cardiologist… Read More »

Update from Mexico’s Prisons: Making a Difference in Lives!

In the prisons of Reynosa and Santa Adelaida, we are making significant strides, with Javier and Miroslava standing out as beacons of hope and transformation. Pictured alongside me (on my right) is Javier, whose invaluable assistance in our prison ministry efforts is truly incalculable. His dedication and commitment have played a pivotal role in the positive impact we… Read More »

Scripture Reading at Reynosa Drug Rehab Center

I don’t know if there is anything more precious than seeing souls that have been bound by addictions turning their lives over to the Lord! They know their need, and have learned where to go to receive help; the Word of God! We stand amazed at the mercy of the Lord. However, I have learned that if the… Read More »

Blessed with $1,000.00 Worth of Study Bibles!!!

For the Bible Institute in the prisons, we reward a study Bible for the student with the highest score at the end of each cycle of studies. For many years we have rewarded either the Thompson Chain study Bible or the Vida Plena (Full Life Study Bible). These Bibles are not cheap but are well worth the price… Read More »

Reunited with Former Inmate after Five Years!

Yesterday I was blessed to be reunited once again with a former inmate; Mario Alberto Chavez Salinas. He had gained his freedom “five years” ago, and we had lost contact with him. He came back for his first visit to the prison since his release while I was there. He testified and preached for a few moments before… Read More »

Five Men Who Have Excelled

It has been our privilege as well as custom over the years to present a Vida Plena (Full Life Study Bible) to the student who achieves the highest score during a cycle of studies, which normally covers a period of 9 to 11 weeks. This recent period of studies happens to be the longest one throughout the whole… Read More »