Five Men Who Have Excelled

By | April 19, 2019

It has been our privilege as well as custom over the years to present a Vida Plena (Full Life Study Bible) to the student who achieves the highest score during a cycle of studies, which normally covers a period of 9 to 11 weeks. This recent period of studies happens to be the longest one throughout the whole 274 week study course. These studies lasted for 16 weeks  covering the books of Nehemiah, Esther and Job.

For over 20 years, and over the 110,000 studies which have been graded during this time, something occurred today that is unprecedented. Five men, taking 16 exams, comprised of 640 questions, with the answers of each exam having different numerical values all had a final composite score within the margin of .58! It is hard to explain how spectacular this is, because just 2 or 3 questions over this whole 16 week period decided who was at the top and who was .58 behind! We felt it only just to award them all the Study Bible, because theoretically the one who was in fifth place at .58 points behind could have made the fewest mistakes during this 16 week study period! We are happy to award these for such faithful and studious work.

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