20 Years in Mexican prisons for a crime he didn’t commit!

By | December 17, 2018

This is Bro Miguel Iglesias. He is a dear friend of mine that spent nearly 20 years in Mexican prisons for a crime that he did not commit; had nothing to do with; knew nothing about. I know. I personally read the exoneration papers that he finally received from Mexico City when he gained his freedom.

This would have destroyed most men, but not him. He thanks God for his time of incarceration because he went into prison a lost rebel who didn’t know God, and came out a saved man on fire for God. To him, it was a wonderful trade-off.

While an inmate in Mexican prisons he built three churches. Right now he is pioneering a church in Mission, Texas and presently has about 30 attending services! We are very close, as I have known him for most of his incarcerated time, and we have great fellowship. Actually, when Brenda had cancer and people from across the country were praying for her healing, it was this man that God spoke to in order to tell me that Brenda had been healed, and she was!

Today he expressed a need to me that I can’t personally fulfill. He needs a used van. He makes several trips hauling people back and forth for services in his vehicle, but could really use a van. I know it is Christmas, and I truly apologize for the appearance of using the season to try to meet this need, but if you or anyone you know would like to place a used vehicle in the work of the Lord, I know a great place where it will be used. We personally support him but aren’t able to provide this need ourselves.

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