Update from Mexico’s Prisons: Making a Difference in Lives!

By | January 12, 2024

In the prisons of Reynosa and Santa Adelaida, we are making significant strides, with Javier and Miroslava standing out as beacons of hope and transformation.

Pictured alongside me (on my right) is Javier, whose invaluable assistance in our prison ministry efforts is truly incalculable. His dedication and commitment have played a pivotal role in the positive impact we are witnessing within both Reynosa and Santa Adelaida (Matamoros).

On my left side stands Miroslava, our remarkable women’s inmate pastor at Santa Adelaida Prison. Describing the impact she has had on the prison and the incarcerated women as indescribable would be an understatement. Miroslava not only preaches a transformative life through a strong presentation of the Gospel but truly lives it authentically, drawing attention from both the government and society.

Recently, Matamoros TV News recognized Miroslava’s exceptional work and sent a crew to the prison for an interview. During this interview, she was afforded the opportunity to share her powerful testimony, detailing her journey to the Lord and shedding light on the incredible work that God is doing within the prison walls.

Miroslava, who is from the Rio Bravo area just across the border, is not just making waves within the prison; she is excelling in her Bible studies. Despite having three more years left in her sentence (unless God intervenes), her determination and faith remain unshaken.

We are confident that the Lord has magnificent plans for Miroslava upon her release, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with her to spread the message of Christ in the Rio Bravo area. Her dedication, coupled with her impactful work, serves as an inspiration to all those around her.

Join Us in Making a Difference:
As we continue our journey in Mexico, let’s unite to make a positive impact on these prisoners’ lives, transforming communities one step at a time. Together, we can bring hope, faith, and redemption to those who are in great need of our Lord!

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