Wonderful Mission Report Update!

I received a letter today (09-09-2017) from some dear friends of ours; Chuck and Kim Akers. As many of you know they have been missionaries for several years, as the head of the Global Mission Taskforce. It has been our pleasure to support them monthly, almost ever since they have been on the field. I want to share… Read More »

Ambulance For Santa Adelaida Arrives On The Border!

After having waited a few months for the paperwork to be processed in Virginia we were finally able to retrieve the ambulance that had been donated for the prison in Santa Adelaida. We want to express our appreciation to both Bro. Vernon Jarvis (Pastor of First Pentecostal Church of London, Kentucky) and Bro. James Hacker (CEO of Laurel… Read More »

God Protects Us Through A Prison Riot

Today was very eventful day as I was privileged to have Bro. Titus Shucraft and James Persinger accompany me. Bro. Titus preached a wonderful message on giving the Lord prais for all that He has done for us. As we were fellowshipping, after the service in front of the church, a gun battle broke out. At first it… Read More »

God Touches Hopeless Hearts

As I passed through the first two checkpoints of security and proceeded to the common area, before entering general population, I immediately saw the aftereffects of the recent upheaval within the prison at Santa Adelaida. To my left, totally exposed to the elements without benefit of shade or shelter, were about 35 men who were the victims of… Read More »

Another Riot Within Mexico’s Prisons

On the 6th of June another sad event took place within one of the prisons in which we have ministered over the years. The prison in La Ciudad Victoria (capital of the state of Tamaulipas) erupted into a fully fledged riot where seven people were killed, along with 13 others who were severely wounded. There are many explanations… Read More »

Filiberto Still On Fire For God

Today I delivered a complete set of the Bibles Studies to Filiberto Perea in Rio Bravo, Mexico. He had been incarcerated in the prison of Santa Adelaida. He was a cocaine addict, but gave his heart to the Lord. He gained his release in 2006 and is still on fire for the God. He is excited that his… Read More »

Ministering In A Parallel Universe

Years ago I had a great man of God tell me that the Ministry would be the greatest work in the world if it weren’t for having to deal with people! I knew what he meant and wasn’t offended at all. For the most part only those “Not” in the ministry will be offended by such, because they… Read More »