Wonderful Mission Report Update!

By | September 9, 2017

I received a letter today (09-09-2017) from some dear friends of ours; Chuck and Kim Akers. As many of you know they have been missionaries for several years, as the head of the Global Mission Taskforce. It has been our pleasure to support them monthly, almost ever since they have been on the field.

I want to share with you only the pertinent parts of their letter. The letter is as follows:
“Dear Bro. and Sis. Morgan,

Q. How do you share the Gospel with the Iranian Secret Police?
A. You read it to them…

Yes, you’re right. That does sound like a juvenile attempt at humor. Nevertheless, it is a real possibility. In our newsletters and emails, we’ve written much about the translation of our tracts into the Farsi language of Iran. Our Iranian translator (we’ll call her Sarah for her safety) was unsaved when we began working with her, yet we felt clearly that this was a meeting that God had arranged. As she worked through the tracts, God began working in her heart. She couldn’t stop thinking about the messages in the tracts. She was so mesmerized that she would call her family members in Iran and read the tracts to them over the phone! I was horrified, to be honest, when I first heard the news. I thought, “Oh, no! What was she thinking?”

Now, to be clear, I’ve never received any reports about whether or not someone was listening in on her calls. But, I do know that “Sarah” went through the translation of all ten tracts and God was drawing her to Himself! She was eager to know more. Finally, she also began translating your Bible Studies! In the process of all this, “Sarah” had an awakening in her heart, was born again, began attending a good church, and is hungry for more of God’s Word!

We can’t tell you how grateful we are for your faithful prayers and generous support. Many souls just like “Sarah” are being saved because of your partnership in God’s work. Who knows… perhaps one day in Heaven “Sarah” and some former Iranian secret police will greet you and say “Thank You” as well!”      Chuck and Kim Akers.

Saints, we knew that this translation work was in progress, and it thrills our hearts that it is nearing completion. We also know that it was being accomplished at a great financial burden; thousands of dollars. However, we are happy to report that all the funds for the completion of the New Testament have been received!

Presently, these studies have been / or are being used in 13 different countries. Many in the Muslim world are hungry for the truth of God’s Word! Although these studies are presently being used in a limited fashion in Iran, it is our joy to report that the complete New Testament will be available within months.

This could never have been possible if it weren’t for people like you. God bless you and thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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