Rejoice With Us Concerning This Wonderful News!

By | September 11, 2017

This morning (Monday, 9-11-2017) I received this email from a precious pastor friend of ours who has a great vision of sharing the Gospel to the Muslim people. The pastor, in public forum, will remain anonymous due to the fact that the Iranian translator attends his church and continues to travel back and forth to Iran. He has initiated the project of having our Bible Studies translated into the Farsi language ( the language of Iran). This morning he received this email from Bro. Doug Presley (Missionary to Germany) who ministers to the Muslim people. I hope it lifts your heart as much as it did ours!

“Hello Bro. ????,

I’m sorry for not responding earlier. We have literally been traveling night and day, trying to utilize our time here while we can……

We were able to have several Bible Study sessions over the course of two weeks with the Iranian people in Schwarzheide, Lauchhammer, and Plessa. The people were so grateful to have a Bible Study in Farsi, and they are so hungry for the Word of God. Most of them have never read the Bible before, and it was absolutely amazing to see how God was opening their understanding of the Scriptures. I knew that we only had a limited time to be together, so we started in the Book of John. They read the chapters at home before each session, and they were so eager to answer the questions when we discussed them. It took a long time because we discussed each question that they had answered. We had powerful moments of prayer together, and you could sense the overwhelming Grace of God. These people are genuinely hungry to know the Word of God.

I have some more detailed feedback, but my time is limited here until we fly out. I will call you from Neosho in about a week or so, and I will tell you in detail some of the things I wanted to share.

I have also had another church here ask if they can use the Bible Study because they also have an Iranian population that they have been meeting with in someone’s home. I told the pastor that I would send him the studies with some advice on how to get started in a few days. I will send it to him after I talk with you on the phone.

Brother ????, this time spent with the Iranians has been one of the best experiences we have had on the mission field here in Germany. Thank you and Bro. Morgan for making this possible.

May the Lord bless you.


Please continue to pray for this project. Though several thousand dollars was required for the completion of this translation we are happy to report that all funds needed have been received. Please pray for the translator in the completion of the work. Please pray for Bro. Doug Presley, as well as others in his field of ministry that are beginning to see results among Muslims that are experiencing the Word of God for the first time. We, on the field, often receive credit for that which people like you make possible. As laborers together we trust the Lord in the reaping of a great harvest!

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