Gulf Cartel Nearly Kills Reynosa Prison Pastor

By | March 22, 2015
Story Taken from May 2014 Newsletter
Victor and Gary  -  Picture taken prior to Victor’s five days of beatings and ten days in the prison infirmary.

Victor and Gary –
Picture taken prior to Victor’s five days of beatings and ten days in the prison infirmary.

On Monday, April 7th, our prison pastor, Victor, was approached by the prison leader of the Gulf Cartel and was informed of their intentions to use the back room of the church to store and hide their contraband  from the Federal Police and the military.  Victor, at great cost to himself, told them that he couldn’t allow the House of God to be used for such purposes.

The inner workings of the prison are difficult to understand, but Victor was taken by the cartel and placed in solitary confinement.  For five days, he was “paddled” (beaten with boards) for daring to openly take a stand against the cartel.  They refused to allow me to see him until he was sent to the prison infirmary five days later.  When I saw Victor his whole body was swollen, covered with lacerations, and black with bruises.

Entering Victor’s room, I saw his condition and felt like crying, but the smile on his face prevented me from doing so.  He was thanking the Lord for His mercy and grace and for the strength to bear his punishment and remain faithful to the Lord!  When Victor was sent to the prison infirmary,  he ended up in a large room with only one other man, Julian.  When Julian saw him, he knew that Victor had fallen out of graces with the cartel, but didn’t know why.  When he learned that Victor was the pastor and heard the reasons why he was beaten, Julian began to cry.  Victor witnessed to him about the Lord, and by God’s grace, Julian gave his life to the Lord.  When explaining this, Victor looked up at me, smiled and said, “Isn’t the Lord good?  It is possible that Julian never would have given his life to the Lord if I hadn’t come to the infirmary!

This prison church is as strong now as I have ever seen it!  However, please continue to pray for these men and women as they endeavor to evangelize this prison and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.


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