La Sicaria” – Nidia E. Garza

By | March 22, 2015
This story is from the August 2014 Newsletter 

Until Sis. Nidia surrendered her life to the Lord this past March in the Reynosa prison, for many years she had lived her life as a “sicaria” – a hit man, or woman in her case; an assassin for the Gulf Coast Cartel.  She was 50 years old, and for the crimes for which she was incarcerated, she probably would never have seen the outside of the prison again.  Not having known Nidia long, we can’t speak about drastic changes in her life although those who did know her are quick to tell about the amazing work that God did in her.  We can, however,  tell you of her smile and the glow that was on her face.

During the last six months, she faced daily struggles because of conflicts with the cartel concerning her activities while she was with them.  She had been placed in lock-up by the prison boss seven times over the last six months.  She was tormented, but through it all her faith grew stronger.  We don’t know all the details, but what we do know is that the cartel took her life a few days ago.  Nidia had been doing our Bible Studies for the past few months and though she was a babe in Christ she was steadily growing in the Lord.

The women in the prison church are sad, and those who do not know Christ are sorely dismayed.  Nobody understands how this could have happened to Nidia.  All we can tell these women is that if Nidia died in the Lord as we feel she did, she is now rejoicing in God’s presence!  Think about it; a former assassin for the Gulf Coast Cartel saved by the mercy and grace of God!  Though she wasn’t killed specifically for being a Christian, we are sure that with these men it made her more of a target.  Those who beat Pastor Victor unmercifully are the same ones who killed Nidia.

We will miss her, but our prayers are that through this tragedy the women who know the Lord will draw closer to Him; and that those who don’t know God will realize that they are here today, but have no assurances of tomorrow.

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