Update On “Mario” (His Name Has Been Changed for Discretion)

By | August 28, 2015

On July the 30th we posted a story about Mario and some of the battles that he has been going through these past few months. His two adult daughters are on the run (at least we are praying so) from the Gulf Cartel, and also his son was bludgeoned to death by the same on May the 6th. Yesterday, in the library before the service, Mario, with tears, was relating to me how his 10 year old daughter was electrocuted last week in his home. We had had a bad rain storm and a little water had infiltrated their home. His little girl flipped a light switch that had a short and went out into eternity.

We had special prayer for Mario in the service. All the men gathered around him, laying their hands on him as they prayed. It was a sweet time in the presence of the Lord. Through his tears he said that although he didn’t understand he knows that God does, and that “He” holds all things in “His” hands. Please remember to pray for Mario. Through all his pain and heartache he is still holding on to his faith when it would be awful easy to just fold up, wither and die.

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