God Has Met Our Need With An Ambulance For The Reynosa Prison!

By | September 24, 2015

We want to thank the Lord for providing us with the much needed ambulance for the prison in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  We have been praying for several months and it truly is a miracle how it was obtained.  To make a long story short we only had a little over $400.00 set aside for its acquisition. Though this amount was a small amount we thank the Lord for the sacrificial giving towards this project.  It definitely was the beginning of great things that were to come!

On Monday (Oct. 14th) we checked our mail and $1,687.75 was received specifically designated for the ambulance.  We were rejoicing because we saw the Lord beginning to meet the need.  Then, only a few hours after checking the mail we received a phone call from a Pastor who had read our newsletter concerning the need.  He and his wife had read it about 2 1/2 months after it had been sent, but isn’t the Lord’s timing wonderful?!  He expressed how the Lord had laid this need on his heart and wanted to help us do something about it.  He had found a beautiful ambulance, before calling me, on GOVDEALS.COM and told me about it.  To make another long story short, in only a few hours from our initial conversation he had received pledge promises to cover the purchase of the vehicle.  We purchased it that same night for a little over $8,860.00!  It is a 1993, Class 3 Horton, fully equipped, and it only has 72,000 miles on its International Diesel Motor.  It had been in service up to just a few weeks prior to its sale, and is in mint condition.  It will service the needs of this prison for many years yet to come.  It will be leaving Cincinnati, Ohio in a few days, and will make its way to Roanoke, Virginia for the Mission Conference October 22-24, and Lord willing, we will be driving it back to the border after the Conference.

Thank you all for you concerns and prayers for this need.  When God decides it is time, “He” moves!  We truly give thanks to the Lord for meeting this need.



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