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We were a few weeks late in the sending of our last newsletter due to the deaths of one of our nephews, as well as that of a very dear friend of ours; Rev. John David Long. However, much has happened since the preparing of the newsletter about which we would like to tell you.

As we stated in the most recent report Guillermo Castillo now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. I took the occasion of our being in northern Virginia for the funeral to look up Guillermo. It was a pleasant reunion. While visiting with him he was reminding me of three fellows that used to be in the prison of Santa Adelaida. They were all released around the year 2000. When men leave the Mexican prisons it is hard to stay in contact. They return to their respective states, or in some cases other countries, and seem to fall off the face of the earth. However, Guillermo had maintained communication with these men and presented me with good news. Not only are these three continuing with the Lord, but now after 17 years they are all also pastoring their own churches; one in the state of Tamaulipas, one in Michiocan and the other in Nuevo León. Guillermo was smiling and reminding me that these men were some of the “First Generation” Bible Study students! When Guillermo was speaking with them about our renewed contact one of the first things that asked him was if I were continuing with the Bible Studies at the prison. When he told them yes and related to them that we had sent him the compete course of studies for his church they were wanting the studies for their churches as well. Guillermo gave me their phone numbers and we have already been in contact!

Guillermo also was relating to me of a fellow pastor in his area (Bethesda, MD.) that had seen the studies and was wanting to talk with me. In just the past few months eight Spanish churches have begun the studies. This is a new dimension for this ministry, but an exciting one!

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