The Reynosa Prison Ministry Is In Good Hands

By | November 20, 2016

It is hard to believe that time flies by as fast as it does, but it truly waits for no one. Thirteen years has passed since we constructed the women’s church in the prison of Reynosa; November 2003. This past Thursday had the 13th anniversary service for the church and the Lord blessed in a wonderful way. The church was packed. Many outside visitors came, as well as the Christian men inmates were granted permission to attend the service on the ladies side of the prison.

However, my greatest joy was in seeing Guajardo and Leslie. They were both former inmates who had returned for the service. They didn’t just return to attend the service, but they were here to minister! Both of these precious souls accepted the Lord during their incarceration and were faithful with our Bible Studies. They both are actively involved in taking the same Gospel that they had received back to the same people that they both once were; ministering in the prison. They have earned the respect of the government and minister in the Reynosa, to the women, Thursday and Sunday respectively. It truly is a joy when the Lord allows you to see your work continue on with the future generation.

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