New gods Erected in Santa Adelaida

By | May 26, 2015

Well, I made it back to the border and it was good to get back in the prison in Santa Adelaida again. However, it wasn’t without a little drama. One thing can always be counted on when it comes to dealing with the prisons here. You can expect the policies to change without warning.

Once again today it was necessary to deal with the military concerning my entrance papers. Mid last year the current warden (Pedro Garcia) issued me papers for entrance to the prison as well as the parking lot. The military noticed today that they were dated in 2014, therefore they were no longer valid. They needed to be dated 2015. No explanation was offered as to why they weren’t invalid for the first five months of this year. However, they are the authority so there is no need to try to discuss it. It only took about 2 hours to obtain the new papers.

New statutes to la santísima muerte (most holy death – god of the drug cartels) have been erected in the prison. Talking with a few of the brothers, I told them that they needed to get together in the middle of the night and tear them down. As much as I would love to see that I was speaking a little facetiously with them. Even the military has an understanding that when they enter the prison they are to leave the idols alone; and they do. They day may come when it happens, but without a move of God these men would be placing their lives in their in literal mortal danger should they do so. Pray for these brothers living in this environment. It is hard to put into words, but you literally feel the presence of demonic forces just walking by them.

One thought on “New gods Erected in Santa Adelaida

  1. Reggie Fleming

    Wow. Gary Morgan.
    Still going to that prison.
    I was there for 3 years and you were the one that kept me sane!!!
    I’m the gringo from Indiana
    Your the BEST!!!!!


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