Joining with the devil to do the Lord’s work?

By | March 27, 2015

It is hard to imagine the self-justification that some have when it comes to fulfilling what they think God has called them to do.  If you remember; almost a year ago to date, one of our pastors, Victor, was unjustly and unmercifully beat by the cartel for taking a principled stand concerning the use of the house of God.  Yesterday I had a meeting with Victor and a few other brethren concerning a potential problem.  It seems that there is another group in the prison that wants a controlled time of the church to conduct their own services and functions.  Now being as this is a prison this may seem to be a non-issue, but Mexico’s system is a little different from ours here in the States.  The churches inside the prison, though they are registered with the government, are not owned by the government.  It would be as if some other group in the community suddenly decided to use your own church for their purposes anytime they wanted, just because they wanted.

I was informed that sometime today that this group and the cartel boss of the prison are coming to have a meeting with Victor concerning this matter.  There is no problem with any of these people coming to services, or even joining with to be a part of the church, but to come and take control is another issue.  This is potentially a very serious matter in an open society prison.  Who has control?  Is it the pastor and congregation of a registered privately church, or is it at the whim of local society and powers that be?  We know what is just and right, and we all expressed the same feelings, but it was hard for me to definitively tell them what to do.  I came, and I go.  They suffer the consequences.  As of yesterday Victor and both these other brethren expressed feelings of being willing to be beaten, rather than to relinquish control of the House of God to evil powers that govern.  How does a religious group justify going to the cartel to get their way?  It is true that the cartel is the recognized authority in the prison, but to use them to muscle your way against other men of God?  The Lord will be the judge!  Please remember Victor and these men in your prayers as they take a stand once again on godly principles and possibly may have to suffer for having done so.

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