Studies From The New Testament

By | May 18, 2015
New Testament Studies

New Testament Studies

            Studies from The New Testament


A Word from the Author

It is our great joy to have you reviewing these studies, and while holding this manuscript in your hands, asking yourself this question, “What is so special about these studies?”  The ministry of Lighthouse Holiness Ministries, or in Spanish, El Faro De Santidad created these studies.  Our ministry focuses on the disregarded and forgotten about prison inmates in the prisons of México.

After a few years of ministry among the men and women in these prisons we realized that there was a great need for a Bible Study course that would actually encourage them to not only read the Holy Scriptures, but to study fervently the Word of God. There are many good Bible Study courses on the market, but these studies are unique among all those that we have seen.

a. These studies are unique because of their simplicity. All who take this course can reap a great benefit; from the youngest literate child to the most highly educated adult. These studies are not difficult and are not intended to be for doctoral studies, but they are comprehensive as to the facts and details of the Scriptures and are readily understood by all.

b. These studies are unique because of their resourcefulness. They are adaptable to your personal manner of study and can be used in a variety of ways.

1. A parent and child may use these studies together for a quiet time of discussion and devotion.                     What better way is there for a child to develop a habit of reading the Scriptures and to acquire a hunger for the things of God, than to have his parent sitting by his side searching the Scriptures along with him?

2. They who are busy with the daily cares of life will find great benefit in their usage because of the                 ability to pace their studies. One may complete a whole study, or he may schedule himself to a                     specific number of questions. Either way, a systematic study is being advanced.

3. From Sunday School Classes to the private Christian School, or Home Schooled child these                          studies are easy, simple, and comprehensive.

One of the greatest benefits that one receives from these studies is the help to focus one’s mind on his reading. How often have we read a chapter or two, and at the end of our reading wonder just what it was that we had just read. Without personal commentary or opinion these studies help one’s mind to stay focused upon God’s living Word, for it is the opinion of the creator of these studies that the Word of God itself is its own best commentary. J. Sidlow Baxter once penned these words concerning the Bible:

It is the living Word of God,
Unparalleled it stands,
Its author God,
Its word divine
Inspired every word and line
Tho writ by human hands.

It appears that not many people in this day and age are really interested in studying the Scriptures. While the world gropes in darkness because of their ignorance of God’s Light, the Church meanders along anemic to power of God’s Word.  Psalms 138:2 says – “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”

Without God’s Word there is no deliverance for the sinner from sin. Without God’s Word there is no anointing for the Church.

It is our heart-felt desire that these studies will be a tool for your personal or corporate Bible study. We also hope that these Studies will be as great a blessing to you in completing them as it was for us in their creation.

Rev. Gary D. Morgan

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